Welcoming New Residents to Old Neighborhoods

How do we help people learn how to “use” the city? How do we welcome new residents and connect them with the cultural context of their neighborhood? This two-part i-team project includes an introductory postcard sent to existing residents and “recent newcomers” to a neighborhood, guiding them through the many ways that they can engage with the City and with their neighbors – whether by getting in touch with the Mayor’s Office of their Councilmember, calling 311 or getting involved with their Neighborhood Council. It also provides information about local city facilities, such as parks and libraries. A second part of this project, to be developed in partnership with the Mayor’s Fund, will crowdsource information to populate a dynamic neighborhood map. This project is meant to celebrate and bring awareness to local cultural, recreational and community assets – whether a local building of historic significance, or a community-driven restaurant. The goal is to support more two-way dialogue between the city and residents, encourage neighbors to be active in their Neighborhood Council, and increase usage and awareness of the many city services and resources – while also serving as a resource to help new residents, existing residents and visitors connect with the many local assets of a neighborhood. This project will be launching as a pilot project in one to two neighborhoods in Summer 2016.

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