The ADU Pilot Project

Strengthening the Market for Backyard Homes


The i-team is implementing an ‘end to end’ program to strengthen the market for secondary units, in order to help increase the supply of naturally affordable housing in the City and encourage residents to build them legally.  This effort includes zoning code changes, improved permit tracking, innovative financing mechanisms, creating social value in programming and improved marketing.  The capstone project is the design and construction of two prototype units by December 2016 that will demonstrate design excellence, sustainability, affordability, and help inform policy changes as well as lay the foundation for a program that enables residents to legally build second units.

Partners and Collaborators

The i-team’s project partners on this project include Department of City Planning, Department of Building and Safety, Council District 1, Council District 7, La Mas, Habitat for Humanity, Homeboy Industries, UCLA cityLAB, Kevin Daly Architects, Pacoima Beautiful, Genesis LA