Raising Awareness of the Rent Stabilization Ordinance

The i-team is launching a new Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO) marketing and awareness campaign to help tenants and landlords better understand and access city resources to help them stay in their homes during a compressed housing market when rents are rapidly rising.   This campaign will be featured in communities vulnerable to displacement and leverage highly visible assets including transit shelters, bus interior/exteriors, subway stations, and city facilities like libraries and work source centers.  In addition, RSO tenants and landlords will be informed of their rights and responsibilities through educational pocket guidebooks and direct outreach through door hangers and other tools that take the campaign to them.  Mayor Eric Garcetti visited HCID’s RSO call center on May 25th to support the effort, and is scheduled to announce this initiative at a press conference on July 6, 2016.  The pocket guidebooks can be accessed at www.homeforlarenters.org

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