The Los Angeles Indices of Change

Assessing the magnitude of change in Los Angeles

In order to assess the magnitude of demographic change in 21st Century Los Angeles, the i-team developed the Los Angeles Index of Neighborhood Change (LAINC), which compares metrics across Los Angeles Zip Codes. As a complement to the index, the i-team also created a predictive measure called the Displacement Pressure Tool (LADPI) at the Census Tract level, which shows where change is likely to occur in the near future, with additional emphasis on residents most likely to face high displacement pressures as a result. Both indices were developed with a careful eye towards the academic literature on the subject, and underwent several revisions based on new data releases and incremental methodological improvements. The tools are used to generate insights about changing neighborhoods that, when paired with City data, have helped guide location selection for all i-team projects as well as inform decisions about programming.

Utilizing the Indices

The i-team incorporated the LAINC and the LADPI, along with additional City administrative data into an online tool that we have used to identify and track pilot locations for the i-team initiatives. To date, we have used the tool to assist with site selection for the RSO Outreach Campaign, the Secondary Unit Prototyping Project, the Legacy Business Program and the Youth in Neighborhood Councils project.

Access the Los Angeles Indices of Neighborhood Change.