Serve as a Gender Equity Coordinator

In compliance with Executive Directive 11, efforts are underway Citywide to help achieve greater equity among people of all genders in City operations particularly in underrepresented fields. The i-team has recently been asked to serve as the gender equity coordinator for all city Departments. In doing so, the i-team has been working with Departments to review their gender equity action plans and help recognize programs and policies that Departments plan on implementing to increase gender parities.  Additionally, the team is working with Departments in setting up a Gender Equity dashboard and to coordinate several key events.

Partnerships with the Commission on the Status of Women and the Innovation Performance Commission continue to be nourished.  Collaborations with the Transgender Advisory Council and other vulnerable groups will continue to be developed to achieve Gender Equity driven results that will lead to greater gender parity. Meanwhile, the team is working with Office of Finance to develop a culture of women owned businesses in Los Angeles by providing appropriate programing to meet their specific needs. Our final priority is to reestablish the Gender Equity Coalition quarterly meetings to align all the goals, missions, and action plans of all parties involved.

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