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Case Study: Associate Community Officer Program (A-COP)

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Initiative implementation is the key component of the i-team’s work. Using the knowledge gained from comprehensive data analysis and user-centered design research, the i-team works closely with its City partners to develop and implement new, innovative programs and reforms that will have a positive and concrete impact on the City of Los Angeles and its residents. The i-team’s implementation model focuses on collaborative project management with established timelines and goals and measurable targets for success. Because of this, the i-team and its partners are able to deliver programs that are successful and sustainable past the involvement of the i-team.

CONTEXT: What was the method used for and what did we want to learn?

Working with the LAPD and Personnel Department to think about ways to recruit and hire the next generation of police officers,, the i-team identified that the majority of LAPD youth program graduates come from underserved areas and need immediate employment. Because of this, the most qualified LAPD youth program graduates do not  go on to join LAPD because they are not old enough to apply for the force when they graduate. Instead, they matriculate as officers in other jurisdictions that will hire them at earlier ages.

The outcome and insight:

In order to address this gap in the pipeline, the i-team co-created Pledge to Patrol, also known as the Associate Community Officer Program (A-COP), with LAPD and the Personnel Department.


The i-team worked closely with its partners to develop a project charter with key program principles, identify the program owners, create an implementation plan, lay out the recruiting and hiring process for ACOs, and establish program metrics to ensure a shared understanding of the program’s goal and how we would achieve this goal.
With the first class of Associate Community Officers hired in November 2017, the i-team is now working with LAPD to effectively track and enhance the program, using existing and new data, in order to continue offering the most effective and impactful program


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