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Pledge to Patrol, also known as the Associate Community Officer Program (A-COP) is a newly developed and newly funded LAPD employment program. The program targets young Angelenos who have been outstanding participants in the Los Angeles Police Department’s (LAPD) youth programs and have expressed the desire and commitment to join the LAPD as sworn officers. Pledge to Patrol will provide civilian jobs with the LAPD to diverse, high-quality candidates in order to keep them in the Department’s pipeline until they are age-eligible to become sworn officers at 21 years of age.


LAPD offers and invests in a number of youth training programs, including the Police Orientation and Preparation Program (POPP), which is intended to train 12th graders and recent high school graduates in a fast-paced, career-oriented program to join the ranks of the LAPD. However, young adults are graduating from POPP and other LAPD training programs before they are old enough to join the LAPD as sworn officers. As a result, they often go on to continue their education or join other agencies that hire at an earlier age.


The LAPD, Personnel Department, and i-team developed the Pledge to Patrol Program as a direct response to a lost opportunity. Pledge to Patrol will ensure that the City is able to keep these homegrown, high-quality candidates in the LAPD pipeline while providing them with necessary employment and training as Associate Community Officers. And since LAPD youth program participants often come from diverse, low-income backgrounds, the program will help provide a career pathway for these individuals who need it most, while also ultimately bringing more educated and more diverse officers into the police force.
The inaugural cohort of ACOs began the Pledge to Patrol Program in the Fall of 2017. These students are currently completing their duties and working closely with the i-team and LAPD to continue to advance and measure the impact of the program.
The second cohort of ACOs are in the application process and will be admitted in the Spring of 2018.


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