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L.A. Starts Social Media Campaign to Highlight LAPD Diversity

A social media campaign highlighting diversity in the Los Angeles Police Department and encouraging more Angelenos to consider working in local law enforcement was unveiled last Thursday.

Collective Insight: Three City Data Champions on the Power of Learning Together

Two weeks ago, What Works Cities (WWC) brought together 60 participants from 10 cities for a daylong workshop in Downey, California, as part of our What Works Cities on Tour traveling workshop series.


La 27e Région conducts action-research programs to test new innovation methods for designing public policy involving all public stakeholders.

Building LAPD’s Force of the Future through Social Media

Social media can be a powerful outlet to share stories that can inspire change. The LA Mayor’s Innovation Team engaged verynice to collaborate on the creation of the “Our LAPD” campaign, an initiative to help build a more diverse and inclusive Police workforce.

Los Angeles earns first gold-level What Works Cities data certification

With its new certification, Los Angeles is setting the precedent in collecting and using data to make informed decisions when addressing city issues.

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti on Award-Winning Data-Driven Governance

Los Angeles recently become the lone recipient of What Works Cities’ Gold Certification, ostensibly making it the American city most adept at using data to improve its residents’ lives.

Los Angeles: City of Angels Leads in Transforming Data into Action

Los Angeles City Hall has a room with a view. Visitors who make their way to the building’s public observation deck can enjoy a vast panorama of the city below, home to some 3.9 million people. Inside City Hall, the permeation of what works practices is vast; one gets the sense that, after his election, Mayor Eric Garcetti came to the observation deck, looked around, and set out to determine how to embed data in everything the City touches.

These 9 Cities Are Certified Government Data Pioneers

Bloomberg Philanthropies has lauded a handful of local governments for their policies on collecting data about how their cities function–and making policies based on that data.

LA Police Making Inroads with 'Chip' the Chatbot

“Chip,” the city of Los Angeles’ new chatbot, has been off probation only since July — but, impressed by “his” performance, innovation officials have deputized him to deliver answers to potential police department recruits.

Los Angeles Chatbot Deputized to Help with Police Recruitment

“Officer Chip” was developed in-house using Microsoft technology, and can answer more than 1,000 questions for potential police recruits.

The Great Urban Housing Solution That Has No Good Name

Call them “accessory dwelling units” or “granny flats”—small living spaces built on existing lots could help make cities more affordable.

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti on Award-Winning Data-Driven Governance

When Bloomberg Philanthropies’ What Works Cities program handed out its first-ever certifications in January, Los Angeles was the only city in the country to receive gold, with eight others just behind it, earning silver.

Program Created To Increase Diversity At LAPD Welcomes Inaugural Class

Mayor Eric Garcetti Monday welcomed the inaugural class of Pledge to Patrol, an initiative he created to help increase the diversity of the Los Angeles Police Department. Related Project

LAPD Launches Paid Training Program for High School Grads Who Want to be Cops

Eric Estrada is eagerly awaiting the day that he’ll be old enough to apply to become a Los Angeles police officer. In the meantime, the 20-year-old Pacoima resident is one of more than two dozen high school graduates who will be working part-time for the Los Angeles Police Department and getting paid as part of a new program that aims to recruit and train the next generation of police officers. Related Project

L.A. communities in flux get help from UCLA, city planners

Helping immigrants remain in the gentrifying neighborhoods that first welcomed them. Related Project: Data Science, RSO Campaign Source:

The next big fight over housing could happen, literally, in your back yard

In the new home Julia Coffee designed for herself, handpicking the tiles and the flooring and the red front door, the microwave doesn’t work. Neither does the dishwasher, the garbage disposal, the washing machine, nor — including on 100-degree days — the central air. Related Project: Backyard Homes Pilot Project Source:

Best of California Awards 2017 – Winners Announced

Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Innovation Team was honored with two winning initiatives, the Los Angeles Business Portal and the Los Angeles Indices of Neighborhood Change and Displacement Pressure. The Los Angeles Business Portal is a mobile-first, multilingual educational site that simplifies the process for entrepreneurs to launch or grow a business in Los Angeles. The portal is an excellent example of the digitization of government services – enabling responsiveness, efficiency, and transparency in how government interacts with citizens. Previously registering and starting a business could take weeks – it now takes as little as 20 minutes. Related Project: LA Business Portal ; Data Science ; Technology Source:

For the Global Good, Mayors Move to the Spotlight: How tech-centric cities are boosting civic engagement.

In September 2016, Mayor Eric Garcetti and the Los Angeles Innovation Team introduced a program that helps small business owners cut through red tape. The open-source platform offers step-by-step guidance to overcome hurdles such as finding a location, negotiating a lease and getting a business loan. Related Project: Innovation Source:

Best of California 2017: Winners Offer Solutions with Public, Internal-Facing Impact

Winners of the Best of California 2017 Awards worked hard at everything from helping grow business to improving how state, county and local agencies serve the neediest populations, as well as stimulating interest in the Affordable Care Act and predicting criminal behavior. Related Project: Innovation Source:

A Deeper Dive: Social Enterprise Ecosystems in the U.S. Volume 2

Los Angeles was featured in the second annual report on social enterprise ecosystems produced by Halcyon Incubator in partnership with Deloitte, Capital One and the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business. Related Project: Innovation Source:

L.A. Office of Budget and Innovation Improves City Services Through Data

Los Angeles has followed in the footsteps of Louisville, Boston and New York by creating a Mayor’s Office of Budget and Innovation. The office has changed since its origin in 2013, taking on more and larger projects. Related Project: Innovation Source:

LA’s online business portal slashes red tape for local entrepreneurs

The LA Innovation Team has designed a sleek and accessible online business portal that greatly simplifies the process of starting a business in the city. Related Project: Business Portal Source:

Our Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Pilot Project Breaks Ground!

The project features a 1,000 sqft, 2 story, 2 bedroom, 1-1/2 bath backyard home with a garage that will reflect the character of the neighborhood by adhering to the historic Highland Park-Garvanaz HPOZ design guidelines. Related Project: Backyard Homes Pilot Project Source: LA Mas newsletter

How can Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) address our housing crisis by promoting both housing affordability and contextual design?

With a housing crisis heightened by the supply shortage, LA-Más is teaming up with Council District 1 and the Mayor’s Innovation Team on a Pilot Program that tests how an ADU can be both affordable and contextual. Related Projects: Backyard Homes Pilot Project Source: LA Mas

Where is Gentrification Happening in Your City? Using Mapping to Understand Gentrification and Prevent Displacement

In order to gain a preliminary understanding of those neighborhoods in need of intervention, the i-team set out to map gentrification and assess its potential effects across Los Angeles. Related Project: data science Source: Data Smart City Solutions

LA's first lady focuses on local change

This week she and her husband kicked off the Young Women’s Assembly, a conference promoting gender equality in Los Angeles. Seven hundred students from throughout L.A. Unified School District attended. Related Project: Gender Equity Source: LA West Media

LA 2024 Vice Chair Janet Evans Promotes Women's Equality in Sport at Mayor Eric Garcetti's Inaugural State of Women & Girls Address and Young Women's Assembly

Five-time Olympic medalist and LA 2024 Vice Chair Janet Evans today championed the bid’s commitment to advancing women’s equality in sport at Mayor Eric Garcetti’s inaugural State of Women & Girls Address and Young Women’s Assembly. Related Project: Gender Equity Source: LA West Media

Garcetti Gives State Of Women & Girls Address

The assembly included 700 girls, young women and trans youth aged 16 to 21 who took part in discussions with top women leaders from the public and private sectors, and included a resource fair with the participation of 25 nonprofit and public-sector organizations. Related Project: Gender Equity Source: LA West Media

How to make L.A. housing affordable

The L.A. i-team and partners break ground on the prototype secondary-housing unit. Related Project: Backyard Homes Pilot Project Source:

LA Launches New Business Information Portal

The City of Los Angeles is reaching out new and small businesses, aimed at providing information to those businesses on everything from negotiating leases to securing business loans–plus dealing with city paperwork on registering a new business. Related Project: Agile Government ; Technology ; RSO Campaign ; LA Business Portal Source: Socal Tech

A City’s Success Should Be Measured By Resident Opportunity

Mayor Eric Garcetti shares the successes of the i-team on testing and launching platforms that meet the needs of Angeleno’s. Related Projects: Agile Government ; Technology ; RSO Campaign ; LA Business Portal Source: Huffington Post

Q&A: Business portal designer explains the philosophy behind the trend

Tomorrow Partners’ Gaby Brink shared her design experience and knowledge of city government as it pertains to the growing trend of local business portals. Related Projects: Agile Government ; Technology ; LA Business Portal Source: StateScoop

L.A.'s Boost to Small Businesses

While the L.A. economy is currently riding an upswing—the unemployment rate has dropped around 5 percent in the past three years—Garcetti sees the portal as “a recession-proof strategy for job growth.” Related Projects: Agile Government ; Technology ; LA Business Portal Source: CityLab

LA launches open source business portal

Los Angeles has launched LA Business Portal to help entrepreneurs and business owners more easily find the federal, state and local licensing and permitting information they need. Related Projects: Agile Government ; Technology ; LA Business Portal Source: GCN

Welcome to the Age of the Government Business Portal

So two Southern California cities — and a whole host of other governments nationwide — are trying to smooth out the process with technology. On Sept. 14, Los Angeles launched an open source business portal based on San Francisco’s own website Related Projects: Agile Government ; Technology ; LA Business Portal Source: GovTech

SBA: Six Cities Launch Their "Startup in a Day" Solutions

Six cities: Los Angeles, Boston, Milwaukee, Salt Lake City,Washington, D.C., and Jackson, Michigan have launched their “Startup in Day” (SIAD) solutions making it easier for businesses to get started.  Several additional cities will be launching their solutions over the next month. Related Project: Agile Government ; Technology ; LA Business Portal Source: PR Newswire

LA Launches New Business Information Portal

The City of Los Angeles is reaching out new and small businesses, aimed at providing information to those businesses on everything from negotiating leases to securing business loans–plus dealing with city paperwork on registering a new business. Related Projects: Agile Government ; Technology ; LA Business Portal Source: SoCal Tech

City of LA Makes Starting a Business Easier

Los Angeles city officials unveiled a website Wednesday that walks entrepreneurs through starting up a small business in Los Angeles. Related Projects: Agile Government ; Technology ; LA Business Portal Source: Hollywood Patch

How Mark Zuckerberg Might Attack The Affordable Housing Crisis

The Los Angeles Innovation Team has created a GIS-based mapping program that tracks various indicators of how neighborhoods are changing to predict displacement pressure, and hone things like small business support or renter-rights awareness to stop it. Related Projects: Data Science ; Small Business ; RSO Source: Fast Company

'Granny flats' – a solution to housing crunch – come under fire

Mayor Eric Garcetti wants to add 100,000 new housing units by 2021, with 15,000 of them affordable. In a city with 600,000 single-family homes, even a small fraction of homeowners building second units would help achieve that second goal. Related Project: Backyard Homes Pilot Project Source: The Washington Post

LA renters fed up over evictions as rents and complaints rise

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti last month launched a campaign to inform tenants of the city’s rent laws. Related Projects: RSO Campaign Source: Daily News

Make More Money Without Punching a Time Clock

The Mayor’s office in Los Angeles is teaming with the host of the Spanish language versions of The Price is Right and Family Feud, Marco Antonio Regil to co-host the Small Business Expo. Related Projects: Agile Government ; Technology ; LA Business Portal Source: KTLA

L.A. needs more housing. Reopening the door to modest 'granny flats' could help

With few easy solutions for the city’s persistent housing shortage, it’s no wonder that Los Angeles officials see one answer in “granny flats.” Related Project: Backyard Homes Pilot Project Source: The Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti launches new campaign to aid renters

Los Angeles City Hall launched a new campaign Monday to help renters better understand their housing rights and avoid illegal evictions. Related Projects: RSO Campaign Source: Daily News

The city of Los Angeles is making a renewed push to make sure tenants know their rights.

City officials launched a campaign this week to spread information about the rights that renters have under the city’s rent stabilization ordinance, first passed in the 1970s. The move is part of Mayor Eric Garcetti’s push to grow the city’s housing supply in an equitable way. Related Project: RSO Campaign Source: KPCC

There's a Handy New Guide out on Los Angeles Renters' Rights

Mayor Eric Garcetti, along with the Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department, is launching a new campaign called “Home for Renters” to help renters better understand their rights as tenants. Related Projects: RSO Campaign Source: Curbed Los Angeles

The 'Home for Renters' campaign seeks to inform LA renters of their rights

With a major rental crunch in LA and more and more apartments dropping out of the market to go condo or Airbnb, Mayor Garcetti’s office is launching a campaign to inform renters of their rights. Related Project: Backyard Homes Pilot Project Source: TimeOut Los Angeles

Mayor Garcetti Launches New Campaign to Reduce Residential Displacement

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced today a new campaign to make tenants who live in rent stabilized apartments aware of their rights as renters. The campaign, called Home for Renters, can be accessed online here, and the city will also be doing outreach with printed materials in various neighborhoods. Related Project: RSO Campaign Source: LAist

Innovation Teams in Memphis - Looking Back

Nearly 20 Innovation Teams from cities around the U.S. and Israel came together in Memphis in March of 2016 for two action-packed days of exploration and learning. Related Project: Networks Source: Living Cities

Jason Neville, i-team Project Manager Discussing Secondary Units as a Housing Strategy

On May 19th, UCLA hosted its first Smart and Sustainable Cities Conference. The event brought together experts from Israel and across the United States to discuss cutting-edge policies, designs and technologies that are helping urban centers use their limited resources as efficiently as possible. Related Project: Networks Source: UCLA International Institute

Equal Pay Day - History Always in the Making in Los Angeles

As we recognize Equal Pay Day across the nation, in Los Angeles we also celebrate our City’s commitment to gender equity and inclusion. For the first time in our history, this City is taking an in-depth look at the status of women in Los Angeles and actively working to close the gender gap. Related Project: Gender Equity Campaign Source: LA Mayor’s Office Blog

Inclusive Approaches Encourage Gentrification Talks

Amanda Daflos, director of the Mayor’s Innovation Team (i-team), is conducting inclusive data collection that will be used for metric-oriented strategies that ensure existing residents and businesses are able to stay in their communities. Related Project: Data Science Source: Sustainable City Network

Three Lessons from Los Angeles' Innovation Week

To celebrate Los Angeles Innovation Week, the Los Angeles Innovation Team (i-team) partnered with IDEO, a global leader in user-centered design, to create a series of four hands-on workshops to generate, prototype and test ideas to advance the team’s work in inclusive neighborhood revitalization. Related Project: Networks Source: Living Cities

Using Data and Innovation in Los Angeles

Innovation teams (i-teams) are in-house innovation consultants who use the tested Innovation Delivery approach to help mayors and other partners solve cities’ biggest challenges. We have invested in more than a dozen i-teams around the world, and recently caught up with the Los Angeles i-team to share their story. They are rethinking neighborhood revitalization and testing ways to make neighborhoods inclusive even as they change. Related Project: i-teams Source: Bloomberg Philanthropies Blog

LA Director of Innovation Delivery to Revitalize City Neighborhoods

Amanda Daflos, who joins the city as part of $2.55 million three-year Bloomberg grant designed to bring private-sector consultants into city government, will work with her team to help the city develop innovations centered around priorities identified by Mayor Eric Garcetti. Related Projects: i-teams Source: GovTech

Mayor Garcetti Names Head of LA's New Innovation Delivery Team

Mayor Eric Garcetti has named Amanda Daflos to lead his administration’s new Innovation Delivery Team, a group of “in-house consultants” that will work on key mayoral priorities thanks to a $2.55 million, three-year grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies. Related Project: i-teams Source: LA Mayor’s Office Blog

Bloomberg Philanthropies Expands Innovation Team Program

Bloomberg Philanthropies today announced that 12 U.S. cities have been selected to participate in the $45 million expansion of its Innovation Teams program. The program aims to improve the capacity of City Halls to effectively design and implement new approaches that improve citizens’ lives – relying on data, open innovation, and strong project and performance management to help mayors address pressing urban challenges. Related Project: i-teams Source: Bloomberg Philanthropies Blog