Gender Equity

Inaugural State of Women and Girls and Young Women’s Assembly

Gender Equity


Mayor Eric Garcetti prioritized gender equity in his “back to basics” agenda and as part of these efforts, the Mayor and First Lady Amy Elaine Wakeland hosted the Inaugural State of Women & Girls Address and the Young Women’s Assembly in 2017. This convening consisted of a day-long event that opened with a presentation to leaders throughout the City’s business, philanthropic, public sector and not-for-profit community from the Mayor and the First Lady on the State of Women and Girls in Los Angeles. The presentation was meant to capture the progress the City has made with respect to the inclusion of women and girls in business, City operations, social advancements, and further lay out expectations for the road ahead.
The event was also intended to provide young women with hands-on learning, real-time training, and resources to advance their skills and abilities in areas of opportunity through a day-long training with leaders from a variety of industries. Youth also attended a resource fair; during this portion of the event, young women had an opportunity to visit with organizations relevant to the personal and academic needs of young women, for example, City agencies, college resource programs, and sports programs. They also had the opportunity to funnel themselves into extracurricular activities, public safety trainings, and other available programs in the City.


Los Angeles is home to an array of organizations dedicated to the advancement of women and girls, however, very few events in the City unite them and showcase the various opportunities available to young women to help enrich their lives. This program was intended to showcase the work the City has accomplished with regard to prioritizing the recruitment of women into the workforce, especially within underrepresented fields, and enhancing services for girls. It was also intended to bring together young women from across Los Angeles for a day of enrichment to jumpstart their involvement in myriad programs and enable them to advance themselves personally, academically and professionally.


This day-long event featured presentations from the Mayor and the First Lady of Los Angeles, attended by Los Angeles’ thought leaders and business leaders.. The event also included an assembly of more than 700 young women from 16 to 21 years of age who joined through a partnership formed with LAUSD. The young women also engaged with 25 leading organizations dedicated to elevating women by encouraging them to become civically engaged and active within their communities and had the opportunity to hear from national leaders in their fields like journalist Lisa Ling, actress Eva Longoria, Fire Marshall Kristen Crowley, Police Chief Beatriz Girmala, activist and actress Pauley Perrette, Women’s activist Surina Khan, Mars Curiosity Rover lead Diana Trujillo and countless others.


Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles

LA City Youthsource Centers

The Los Angeles Unified School District


The Los Angeles Community College District

Numerous speakers, exhibitors, and partners