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Business Support


Candidates who are considering careers in policing are invited to take hiring tests which in downtown Los Angeles. These exams require them to take physical exams over the course of many hours and afford little time for breaks, but are instrumental in their success or failure in the overall police hiring process. During their time at the testing site, they are given a short lunch break; however, candidates are not offered many nearby food options and, even more than that, there are almost no healthy choices. For this initiative, the i-team worked with two food trucks to update their menus to provide more healthy options while redesigning the ‘look and feel’ of their food truck facades to appeal to the young police candidates.



The i-team wanted to take advantage of the lunch break to provide better customer care for candidates. To accomplish this goal, it was essential to work with the two food truck vendors already stationed outside of the testing site. These business owners have been a long time partners with Personnel and the goal was to help them better understand their customer base. The i-team, working with the two food truck vendors, co-created a catered food menu that would appeal to both millennials and the staff who support the testing. The i-team co-designed the food truck facade with vendors to promote the new and healthy items on their new menu. Each vendor was presented with three branding options, designed by the i-team so that they could select their final choice and obtain support in installing the new facades.


The i-team designed, prototyped, and installed the menu within three months. This initiative aims to provide good meal choices for police candidates during their lunchtime, while also providing a modern looking environment that will allow police candidates to feel positive about their experience and the City during testing days.