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Chat Bot Automated Response System for Police Recruits

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The LAPD’s hiring process is both rigorous and complex. Each month, potential candidates make thousands of calls to the Personnel Department’s Public Safety Division, often to ask basic process questions. Although resources that are already available on JoinLAPD.com could answer many of these questions, they may not be easy for candidates to find.
Fortunately, the City’s IT Agency has made a chatbot available to all City departments to address precisely this issue. The City Hall Internet Personality (CHIP), a Microsoft Azure-based chatbot, went live in the City in July 2017. JoinLAPD.com is the first City website to adopt CHIP after the initial pilot.
On JoinLAPD.com, CHIP is known as “Officer CHIP.” Officer CHIP will provide candidates with an easy way to navigate the site and ask questions, with a knowledge base of over 500 questions and answers at launch and growing. As candidates submit questions, the bot also enables the City to learn more about what they want to know – and to continue to improve the resources we create to help them navigate our process. To test it yourself, please click here.


At any given time, thousands of potential candidates are interested in learning more about how to become an LAPD officer. The process can be time-consuming and tedious, and common questions range from inquring about hiring seminars to understanding the requirements to be an officer. The i-team evaluated the best avenues to increase access to information for candidates while simultaneously decreasing call volume for the Personnel Department.


CHIP has greatly improved access to relevant resources for candidates so they may more easily navigate the complex public safety hiring and recruiting process. It endeavors to reduce the volume of calls and emails from candidates on basic process questions; and provide the City with new insights on what candidates want to know so that the City can be more responsive to needs as questions are asked but, importantly, in the programming and tools it makes available. Furthermore, program oversight allows Officer CHIP’s knowledge base to constantly grow and adapt.