Innovating on LASpecial Events Process

Innovating on LA
Special Events Process

Neighborhood Inclusivity OVERVIEW The Innovation Team worked in partnership with several City Departments and community groups to examine how to improve the process of permitting for special events in order to make it clearer, shorter, and easier.   WHAT IS THE...
Civic Youth  Leadership Academy

Civic Youth
Leadership Academy

Neighborhood Inclusivity OVERVIEW Civic Youth Leadership Academy (CYLA) is a program that engages and supports the voice of youth in Neighborhood Councils and civic life overall. This program is a competitive, application-based, six session program that provides...
Welcome to theNeighborhood Toolkit

Welcome to the
Neighborhood Toolkit

Neighborhood Inclusivity OVERVIEW The i-team partnered with Neighborhood Councils and residents to better understand what community members wanted to know about their neighborhood and City and then, to help residents access this information in a user-friendly way. The...