What is an Innovation Team?

The Los Angeles Innovation Team serves as an in-house consulting team focused on helping the City address complicated problems.  Based in City Hall and reporting to Mayor Eric Garcetti, the team works side by side with senior staff across the City, including Departments, residents and local organizations, to develop products and solutions that help to alleviate our city’s biggest challenges.

Innovation teams are designed to be 100% focused on bringing new approaches to bear in significant priority areas with a relentless focus on partnership, transparency, data, users, and outcomes.  Our mission is to achieve concrete results.  We serve as collaborators, data analysts, designers, and overall cheerleaders for innovation in government.

“It has been our pleasure to work with leaders across the City, residents, local organizations and Universities, to activate projects quickly in response to our first focus on changing neighborhoods, all the while considering the end users of City government so that our solutions are designed with LA, for LA.”

Amanda Daflos Director, Innovation Team

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What Our Partners Have to Say

Genesis LA

“As a local community development finance partner, we are continually focused on addressing the challenges of inclusive development in Los Angeles.  Our partnership with the i-team, local architects, and community-based organizations has led to an innovative form of housing financing and delivery that will provide affordable housing solutions in underserved communities in Los Angeles.”

Tom DeSimone

Executive Director


“Our collaboration with the i-team has enabled us to create and implement a new awareness campaign to ensure that residents enjoy the protections afforded to them under the City’s Rent Stabilization program. This initiative has taken our RSO Awareness efforts to a whole new level, one not achieved since the Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Ordinance was adopted 37 years ago.”

Anna Ortega

Director of Rent Stabilization

Pacoima Beautiful

“Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Innovation Team has been a great partner to Pacoima Beautiful. The team understands that in order for our city to move forward with innovative strategies the community needs to be a partner in the process. We appreciate their dedication and efforts to making sure that programs that meet the needs of current Angelenos have the resources necessary to succeed.”

Yvette Lopez

Deputy Director


“We’ve created an incredible partnership between cityLAB-UCLA, the iTeam, Pacoima Beautiful, and Kevin Daly Architects to create a new backyard home, but also something more: a demonstration that others can follow showing that innovative thinking combined with action can make a better, more beautiful, more affordable city.”

Dr. Dana Cuff