LAPD Recruitment Social Media Campaign

Police Recruiting and HiringOVERVIEW Although LAPD has a recognizable brand, they want to shift popular understanding of what it means to be a police officer and, at the same time, be able to attract more diverse candidates. The i-team created a two-part campaign to...

SMS Address Check for Rent Stabilized Properties

Housing & Homelessness OVERVIEW For a resident eligible for rent control, better awareness ensures stronger landlord compliance. Despite this, approximately one-third of renters surveyed either did not know or were misinformed about the City’s Rent Stabilizaiton...

Improving Police Hiring Process Using Behavioral Science

Police Recruiting and HiringOVERVIEW The i-team is using innovative, data-driven strategies bolstered by behavioral science expertise to modify popular perceptions of careers in policing and increase interest in joining the LAPD. The i-team is also using behavioral...

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Pilot Program

Housing & Homelessness    OVERVIEW To help address the housing crisis in Los Angeles, Mayor Garcetti established a goal of building 100,000 additional housing units by 2021. One strategy is to increase the supply of legal Secondary Units, commonly referred to as...

Issue Areas

The i-team works in year-long increments on what we call “Issue Areas,” which address the most pressing issues within Los Angeles as assigned by the Mayor.


Housing & Homelessness

Expanding the housing supply in Los Angeles and raising awareness of renting rights and responsibilities in order to help keep people in their homes as neighborhoods change.


Police Recruiting & Hiring

Increasing the number of viable candidates interested in careers in policing and shortening the hiring process.


Data & analytics

Data is the foundation of the i-team’s understanding of Los Angeles.



The i-team enhances our innovative, data-driven strategies by drawing on behavioral science expertise.


Tools for Innovation

The Los Angeles i-team’s Innovation Delivery Approach focuses on using data to inform government decision-making, ensuring that programs and projects are responsive to resident needs and achieve desired outcomes.